Top 15 Most Ridiculous Questions Asked During a Football Game

As a true fan of the game, there will always be a time when you're fielding questions from the sidelines that make you want to say "huh?" Here are the top 15 most ridiculous questions asked after the whistle blows.

  1. Who says the Hail Mary?

  2. Where on the field do the players touch down?

  3. How can I meet one of the eligible players?

  4. When do the players stop to draw?

  5. Who fixes the ball when it’s snapped?

  6. How do players run wearing boots on their legs?

  7. Who puts the quarterback in the sack?

  8. Do the players lay down to turn over?

  9. What are the linemen doing on the field?

  10. Is anyone a whole back?

  11. How do players know which balls to throw away?

  12. Which two players get to pull the wishbone?

  13. Who digs the trenches and where?

  14. What are they going to build with the blocks?

  15. How do I download the audible?

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