Top 40 Most Ridiculous Questions Asked About Baseball

Ever go to a baseball game with someone who knows absolutely nothing about the sport? Here are the top 40 most ridiculous questions asked during games. Of course, you have to be very familiar with baseball terms to even understand the questions. See how many you can answer.

  1. Will the pitcher get thrown out if he strikes the batter?

  2. What are the bases loaded with?

  3. Who helps the player find his swing?

  4. If he’s the Ace, who plays the Jack, Queen, and King?

  5. Who goes to get the ball from the alley?

  6. Why would a player hit a banjo?

  7. How do batters see the player’s eyes from that far away?

  8. When do they bring out the box for the batter?

  9. How high does the pitcher have to count to catch up?

  10. Who fixes the ball when the pitcher breaks it?

  11. Why would a player catch the ball in a basket when he has a glove?

  12. They don’t let the bulls out of the pen during the game, do they?

  13. Why are there jockeys in the dugout?

  14. Does Captain Hook come out in costume?

  15. Why would they drive a cement mixer onto the field during a game?

  16. How much do they charge for the mound?

  17. Who is going to check the runner, and for what?

  18. Why does the player run home to get a plate?

  19. How long will they stretch the 7th inning?

  20. Where’s the ladder the pitcher is supposed to climb?

  21. Why does the butcher’s son get to play?

  22. Curveball? Isn’t the ball supposed to be round?

  23. Why would players eat corn out of the can?

  24. Where is the quail, and why is it dying?

  25. Which player came from a team of farmers?

  26. If the player only hits at 5 o’clock, why is he hitting now?

  27. Can’t the player afford a glove without a hole in it?

  28. Where are they serving the grand slam?

  29. Is a goose egg worth more points than other kinds?

  30. Why would players eat the ball?

  31. Doesn’t a full house beat the other player’s cards?

  32. Where does the team keep the horse the player’s going to get?

  33. Why does the player have to find his bat when he has one?

  34. Player go fishing in the middle of a game?

  35. How does the pitcher throw with his knuckles?

  36. Are the heavy hitters fit enough to run the bases?

  37. Which vendor is selling the home-cooking?

  38. What is the good wood used for?

  39. When does the laser show start?

  40. How does the batter play if he’s handcuffed?

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